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                                                                                           CREDIT APPLICATION ONLY

If your company has been in business for over two years, in good standing and with a favorable business and personal financial history, all you need to do is complete our Credit Application then fax back to my office, it's that simple  

We want to make the process simple and help you get that new or used machine tool on your shop floor making you money, right!   And yes, "you’re approved" is a phrase that we love to say and isn't only reserved for only the A-1 credits!  

Welcome and thanks for visiting our website ... you’re a step closer to getting that income producing machine tool or getting cash for working capital.  Our specialized group of industry leaders have been providing financial solutions for small to medium sized job shops in the manufacturing industries since 1986.  We have extensive knowledge of current market conditions for the equipment that we finance.  That knowledge enables us to be extremely flexible in our credit underwriting. 

Our approach has always been simple.  Be creative, flexible, listen to our customer and find ways to get the job done. You want that new or used machine on your shop floor quickly and smoothly ... and no hassles, just good service!  

However ... for non-qualifying application only customers, we will require the following financial information to help clear up any questions that the banks may have regarding your current or past credit history:   


  • Credit Application;  completed - signed & dated
  • Equipment;  sales order
  • Tax Returns;  (2) years
  • Financial Statements;  (2) years - year ending balance sheet & income statement
  • Financial Statements;  current year to date - balance sheet & income statement 
  • Bank Statements;  (3) months
  • Equipment;  facilities listing


  • Tax Returns;  (2) years - each principle owner
  • Personal Statement;  each principle owner
  • Resume;  each principle owner - required if new business 

Please forward your completed application via fax to at 925-520-2454 or call me direct at 925-783-7325 ... I'll get started right away!